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Latest projects (click on pictures for larger images)
BRIGHT BUNNY This little bunny was made using a double strand of baby yarn and size 6 needles (free pattern from Lion Brand Yarns) Busily making bunnies and a little lamb for Facebook friends. Also a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarns   This poor little piggie lay around for months with no face and one arm missing. Finally, I got him finished! My own OOAK design. I might offer the pattern later if anyone's interested.

My favorite UFOs (unfinished objects):
This is one of my very favorite yarns. I started this sweater a few years ago. Yes, YEARS! Then, I started knitting bears, and everything else fell by the wayside. I just love the way variegated yarns surprise me with their patterns. It was quite a trick getting each piece to match!!    

Yes, it's Alpaca... and oh, is it ever soft! I bought this to make a very special sweater pattern--not even sure where the book is now. Don't even ASK me how much I paid for this, 'cause I'm NOT telling. I did manage to get it at 20% off, but it was still far to pricey, I'm afraid. So pricey that now I'm afraid to use it.....

My non-yarn-related life:
This space intentionally left never know, I might find something else to become interested in!
Dodie's Drawings

Dodie's hand drawing I'm not an artist--not by any stretch of the imagination--
but these drawings were done as part of a fun little exercise I found in a book I read a long time ago....
What else is Dodie doing, now that she's joined the ranks of the unemployed??? Just check out some of the books I've read in the past several months, in case you're wondering where I get some of my crazy ideas! This isn't currently up-to-date, but eventually maybe it will be.
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